Weekly Address: Commemorating Labor Day

President Obama discusses Labor Day and reflects on the contributions of the working men and women in our country.

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St. Cloud Islamic Center Opposition Sends REPLY ALL Email To Supporters. Forgets The BCC…

St Cloud Citizens For Reasonable ZoningGregory Jarrett of the St. Cloud Islamic Center opposition group, St. Cloud Citizens For Reasonable Zoning, sent out some emails today to what appears to be those individuals who signed up for such information. Either on purpose or perhaps by accident, Mr. Jarrett sent those emails without using the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) which allows the sender to hide the addresses of individuals receiving the message. Organizations typically use this in order to protect the identities of those on the email list.

Included in the email is a back and forth between Mr. Jarrett and Scott P. Israelson, a traffic engineering consultant through a business known as Midwest Traffic Consulting, LLC. In the exchange, Jarrett and Israelson discuss the traffic plan put forward for the planned Islamic Center. I’m not going to share any of it here as the Israelson email contains a privacy disclaimer and I am not sure he intended for Jarrett to share the emails verbatim with supporters.

However, in the forwarded email Mr. Jarrett explain that Mr. Israelson will be providing assistance to this opposition organization at a reduced rate. Also, and of interesting note, Jarrett indicates that the Islamic Center is making changes to its plans but makes no indication that this will change his opposition to the project. In fact, he makes clear that they will continue to oppose the project. Jarrett writes:

We are now waiting for the applicant to update his plan. When that happens we will disseminate and reply with calculated opposition. WE CAN STILL BE GETTING PETITIONS SIGNED AND WILL GLADLY ACCEPT ANY DONATIONS
This gentleman has agreed to ASSIST us in advance and at a reduced rate as we are not a corporate client ( a grassroots effort)
More later. Thanks to all

I emailed Mr. Israelson about his involvement as well as Mr. Jarrett about his continued opposition and will update when I get those answers. Also, below you will find the names of those individuals (I deleted the email addresses) who have signed up for the opposition information being sent out by Jarrett.

[UPDATE] It has been brought to my attention that I may not have been clear enough about the following list of carbon copied names delivered by Mr. Jarrett to myself and others when he emailed those of us who signed up for his news updates. This is a list of people who signed up to receive information. It is NOT necessarily a list of supporters of St. Cloud Citizens For Reasonable Zoning but rather a list of people (some of whom are just looking to stay informed like myself) that was sent out without regard to privacy by Mr. Jarrett through carbon copy rather than blind carbon copy. 86% of the names below also appear on the petitions and letters sent to the St. Cloud Planning Commission and can be downloaded off their agenda from August 13, 2013. However, the other 14% may or may not support the goals of Mr. Jarrett and his organization. They may simply be looking to keep track of what’s going with the St. Cloud Citizens For Reasonable Zoning.

Alexandra and Keith Frantesl,
Angela Harper,
Ann Brown,
Anthony Cunningham,
Barb Kiffmeyer,
Beverly Carlson,
Bob Ament,
Brian Crabtree,
Chris Albers,
Dan Oboyle,
Dan-Lee Gehrls,
Dave Steckling,
Debbie Behrend,
Diane and Ed Bouffard,
Donna Boland,
Doug Seanger,
Fred Seay,
Greg Eichinger,
Greg Voigt,
Jean Lydea,
Jean Poganski,
Jeanne Knier,
John Kiffmeyer,
John McGreevy,
Jon Maier,
June Kelly,
June-Doug Gohman,
Karen Ament,
Kathy-Nick Zwilling,
Kevin Johnson,
Kevin-Wanda Lutz,
“Knettel, Tom & Laurel”,
Lee and Jean Poganski,
Liz -Bryce,
Loren and Renee Weinberg,
Marlene Wendt Schmidt,
Marvin Sauers,
Mary and Jim Wagner,
Mary Weise,
Matt Wieber ,
Michele Barron,
Mike Gass,
Nancy and Don Oestreich,
Nellie and Gary Klein,
Pat Jude,
“Patrick R. Mastey”,
Paul-Jill Rooney,
Richard Rahe,
Robert-Sharon Long,
Roseann Wolak,
Scott Scott Berger,
Shane-Alicia Olson,
Sharon- John Quinlivan,
Sidney-Bonnie Storm,
Steven Johnson,
Ted Pederson,
Teresa Barrett,
Terri and Dave Schulte,
Terri Bixby,
Terry-Dawn Swanson,
Thomas Saatzer,
Tim – Peggy Jarnot,
Tom and Judy Wyne,
Tom Golden,
Tracy Rahe,
Twyla Wozniak

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Obama Torches GOP’s ‘Ideological Fixation’ With Obamacare

more at nbcnews.com

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Meet the Repealicans

House Republicans will voted for the 40th time to repeal the Affordable Care Act. And how many jobs bill have they offered? Zero.

The Repealicans: Voting to put insurance companies back in charge of your health care.

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St. Cloud Planning Commission: Islamic Center Tabled [Initial Thoughts]

003Tonight I attended the St. Cloud City Planning Commission at which testimony and discussion was had about a proposed Islamic Center and facilities in a residential area. The end result of around two hours of presentation, discussion, and questioning was a tabling of the motion before the commission thus putting decisions off until the next meeting. I got the sense, however, is that the commission is prepared to approve the project provided some more details and perhaps made some plan adjustments.

My initial thought about the evening is that it was very respectful. Perhaps even more respectful than I thought it would be given the passion of beliefs on both sides. There certainly were accusations and hard feelings about what may or may not be the motivation of those opposing the project but no one raise their voice and no one became belligerent with anyone else in attendance. With that, I will be sharing more thoughts and examining this closer in the coming days through the video I took of speakers and through the documents provided by the commission.

Finally, I walked away still having two primary questions of those opposed to the project:

  1. Given that the primary opposition to the project claims to be local traffic and the desire to keep the local neighborhood residential, what possible opposition could people from the petition have when some live as far away as Big Lake and even others living within St. Cloud who live miles from the proposed site and neighborhood?
  2. There was a great deal of discussion of traffic in the area and having driven in the area I can attest that it is a heavily trafficked part of town. However, I have to ask why these citizens haven’t been organizing before now to get the city to do something about traffic? Did it really take the proposal of an Islamic Center for these folks to begin noticing and being concerned enough about traffic to complain to city leaders?
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