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Representative Westrom: Reform 2.0 (Let’s Shoot Stuff FROM AIRPLANES)

State Representative Torrey Westrom (MN-11A) discusses how Minnesota House and Senate Republicans are working on a series of initiatives called Reform 2.0 which they claim will create jobs and make Minnesota a more business friendly state. Although not mentioned in this video, Westrom apparently thinks that one of those ways to reform government and create jobs is by making it legal to shoot animals from airplanes: Minnesotans could hunt coyotes from aircraft and snowmobiles as part of a new proposal designed to curb animal populations. “The coyote population seems to be exploding,” said state Rep. Torrey Westrom, a sponsor of the bill. “This would be just one more way to continue the intrigue and enjoyment many people get out of hunting as well as a … Continue reading

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