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MN State Senator Dan Hall (R) Tweets Debunked Food Stamp Claim

Senator Dan Hall (R), who once claimed that Republicans and opponents of gay marriage are more patriotic than everyone else, tweeted the following today:   Now first, let’s point out that this man, Senator Hall, is a minister, former Christian school principal, and according to his website “founded and managed the Open Arms food shelf“. One wonders why he would be lamenting that people are receiving food assistance or which version of Christianity he practices that teaches lamentation of feeding the poor. Equally as concerning is that the article he linked to and the quote he tweeted were found to be false more than a week ago. First, by Politifact when former Congressman Allen West tried to claim the same thing. You can read the … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: Ted Lillie Wants Your Tax Dollars For A Republican Sex Scandal

A letter to the editor in the Woodbury Bulletin about Republican Senator, Ted Lillie, provides this succinct little message about what a Minnesota Senate controlled by Republicans really accomplished in the last two legislative sessions and what they REALLY want moving forward… So if “Travelin’ Ted” Lillie tells you he is “defending” Woodbury taxpayers, don’t believe him for one minute. Lillie still very definitely wants your tax dollars – but not to pay for public safety or education. Lillie wants your tax dollars to pay for a Republican Senate sex scandal. OK, maybe that’s not all they want but it’s still a good reminder that a Republican Minnesota Senate majority didn’t just screw each other. They intend to screw you too!

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MN Senator Dan Hall Tweet Implies Minnesotans Voting NO On Anti-Marriage Amendment Are NOT Patriotic

MN State Senator Dan Hall (R) posted a tweet today asking the question, “Why is it you never see an American flag where you see a Vote No for the Mn Marriage Amendment sign?” Accompanying the tweet is an image of one house with a flag flying in front with what appears to be houses on either side with orange Minnesotans United for all Families ‘Vote NO’ signs in front of them. It is unclear whether they have flags or not based on the image but according to the Senator, they do not. The implication in the tweet is clear that those people who oppose the amendment are not as patriotic as those people who support it although we have no evidence to show that … Continue reading

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