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With Election Behind Us, A Return To Normalcy OR Let’s Get Back To Saving My Conservative Friends Government Job!

Thank GOD, now that the election is firmly behind us noted higher education expert Gary Gross and his also notably unbiased conservative political blog can get back to brow beating MNSCU and St. Cloud State University for daring to cut their budgets! That isn’t speculation. That will be reality within the next 5-7 years. President Potter and Chancellor Rosenstone have the ability to change that by rescinding the decision to cancel the Aviation program at SCSU. It’s without question that SCSU can’t produce all of the graduates it’ll take to replace the soon-to-be-retiring pilots. Still, they’re capable of being a significant part of the solution. When oh when will these damn leaders of higher education finally LISTEN to an unemployed conservative blogger who thinks government … Continue reading

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Vern Swedin, Republican Candidate For MN Senate, Brags About Making Teenager Cry

You can read the background from Bluestem Prairie of MN State Senate candidate, Vern Swedin, who hilariously calls Democrats RATS and bragged about the time he made a young girl cry but I wanted to quickly share the video posted by the local newspaper, Owatonna Peoples Press: Let’s lighten up a little here, people. If we can’t celebrate our own intellectual brilliance by telling people about the time we made a young person cry without everybody getting all offended about it, then America really has lost its way. Making unsuspecting young victims cry while we feel morally and intellectually superior is what this country was built on, right? Don’t take that away from Vern Swedin! Apparently he needs it…

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Mitt Romney Debates Mitt Romney. Romney WINS!

Hilarious video from Daily Kos: And there is a sequel…  

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Local Blogger Insists That Alinskyite Progressive LIAR Mitt Romney Is Our ONLY Option

You gotta really really have a special kind of hatred for President Obama or a really really malleable system of core beliefs in order to go from this opinion of Mitt Romney: or this… to insisting that Romney is our only option: If you aspire to a better future, filled with shrinking unemployment, cheaper gas prices, more manufacturing and construction jobs and fewer intrusive regulations, then Mitt Romney is your only option this October and November. I guess it takes a special case of blind allegiance to a political party to go from calling a nominee a liar, alinskyite, and comparing his character to Stalin to now claiming he is going to save America. Honestly, it’s been a fun transformation to watch. Even more exciting … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: Ted Lillie Wants Your Tax Dollars For A Republican Sex Scandal

A letter to the editor in the Woodbury Bulletin about Republican Senator, Ted Lillie, provides this succinct little message about what a Minnesota Senate controlled by Republicans really accomplished in the last two legislative sessions and what they REALLY want moving forward… So if “Travelin’ Ted” Lillie tells you he is “defending” Woodbury taxpayers, don’t believe him for one minute. Lillie still very definitely wants your tax dollars – but not to pay for public safety or education. Lillie wants your tax dollars to pay for a Republican Senate sex scandal. OK, maybe that’s not all they want but it’s still a good reminder that a Republican Minnesota Senate majority didn’t just screw each other. They intend to screw you too!

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