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Polk County Commissioner Calls Medical Assistance & MinnesotaCare Recipients LAZY…

News from the county of my birth in northwestern Minnesota, it seems that it is open season on bullying the poor. Polk County Commissioner, Warren Affeldt, has taken the war on the poor to whole new level. Mostly, people just grumble about the poor getting this or the poor getting that rather than sharing their true feelings about how all those people who might be receiving any benefit at all from the government are LAZY. Well not, Affeldt. He decided to just come on out and call it like he sees it. You know, he’s “talked with some people” (not poor people of course but who can blame him, am I right?) and those people have convinced him that if not for laziness we wouldn’t … Continue reading

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MN State Senator Dan Hall (R) Tweets Debunked Food Stamp Claim

Senator Dan Hall (R), who once claimed that Republicans and opponents of gay marriage are more patriotic than everyone else, tweeted the following today:   Now first, let’s point out that this man, Senator Hall, is a minister, former Christian school principal, and according to his website “founded and managed the Open Arms food shelf“. One wonders why he would be lamenting that people are receiving food assistance or which version of Christianity he practices that teaches lamentation of feeding the poor. Equally as concerning is that the article he linked to and the quote he tweeted were found to be false more than a week ago. First, by Politifact when former Congressman Allen West tried to claim the same thing. You can read the … Continue reading

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Government Paying Black Men To Impregnate Women Says Lawmaker

It appears as though Representative Glen Gruenhagen is tired of his role as back bench crazy member of the MN House Republican Caucus. He wants the top spot! Courtesy of The Uptake: During a debate on a health care insurance bill, Representative Glenn Gruenhagen (R- Glenco, MN) claimed it would undermine “traditional marriage” and then went a few steps further. “When a country undermines traditional marriage, it cannot print up enough money to take care of all the problems that happen in our society. And we need to look no further than our welfare program and the black families in this country. Prior to the great society programs of the 60s the out of wedlock birth among black families was approximately, or was under 20 … Continue reading

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How Bad Is Wealth Inequality In America?

Watch this and find out…

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Come ON, 47% Of Americans Are Poor & Lazy And They Aren’t Going To Vote For Me Anyway!

Nothing to see here, you just go back to sucking off the teat of government and just never you mind what Mitt Romney thinks about you… Oh stop it, don’t be so shocked! If you believed that Mitt Romney was in this thing to help the bottom 50% of Americans in any way, well then you probably deserve to be trickled on by a couple billionaires.

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