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St. Cloud Times Editorial Board Jumps Into Islamic Center Controversy

In recent weeks I have been casually monitoring the developments in St. Cloud over a proposed Islamic Center and the reaction by some to its construction. A group has been formed by an individual named, Gregory Jarrett, called St. Cloud Citizens for Reasonable Zoning to oppose the construction of the Center. From a recent St. Cloud Times article: In the letter to neighbors, St. Cloud Citizens for Reasonable Zoning calls the request “totally unacceptable.” The letter says the group is being organized to defend “our right to preserve the integrity of our residential neighborhood.” A basic search for the organization and its founder yields little apart from the above article and a rudimentary website in which visitors can sign a guest book and donate to the … Continue reading

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Polk County Commissioner Calls Medical Assistance & MinnesotaCare Recipients LAZY…

News from the county of my birth in northwestern Minnesota, it seems that it is open season on bullying the poor. Polk County Commissioner, Warren Affeldt, has taken the war on the poor to whole new level. Mostly, people just grumble about the poor getting this or the poor getting that rather than sharing their true feelings about how all those people who might be receiving any benefit at all from the government are LAZY. Well not, Affeldt. He decided to just come on out and call it like he sees it. You know, he’s “talked with some people” (not poor people of course but who can blame him, am I right?) and those people have convinced him that if not for laziness we wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Letter of the Day: REVOLUTION or let’s take back the government we have voted for…

The revolution has begun or perhaps just the over-hyped rhetoric has continued (it’s sometimes hard to tell which) over at the St. Cloud Times today. We are losing our freedom, apparently, from a government that has been duly elected by its citizens in 2 year cycles for as long as I can remember… The hard and bitter truth is we are in jeopardy of losing our liberty at the hands of monstrous state and federal governments. The founding fathers established this country with the intent of limited, small government with a system of checks and balances. It’s a grim picture, really, and apparently there are only two options according to our author. Option one is the super simple “national one rate sales tax“. Nothing says … Continue reading

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On Black History, Black Panthers, Education, And A Minnesota Republican

A few weeks back in the midst of Black History Month, a poem was read over the public address system at East Ridge High School in Woodbury, Minnesota. The poem, “A Black Child’s Pledge,” was first published by the Black Panthers in 1968. Well, this prompted vice-chair of the Minnesota Republican Party, Kelly Fenton to take to twitter and the local newspaper to express her outrage that our schools were learning about all aspects of black history and demanding we only study those black people acceptable to her and perhaps other white people: Not long after the poem was read, Twitter comments began bubbling up from Woodbury community members, including Kelly Fenton, whose son attends East Ridge. “There are lot better examples and things that … Continue reading

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But Chip, Nobody Cares What You Think Anymore…

Apparently, one term packsacker Chip Cravaack is going to end his term in style by teaming up with Michele Bachmann for a little bit of conspiracy theory driven politics… House Republicans, including Minnesota U.S. Reps. Michele Bachmann and Chip Cravaack, stepped up their campaign against U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice and comments she made immediately after the Sept. 11 attack on an American diplomatic compound in Libya. Here’s the problem, Chip, no one cares what you think about Susan Rice or anything else for that matter. It’s time to head back home to New Hampshire.

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