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Republican Earmark Hypocrisy… [Now WHO Could Have Predicted THIS?]

Who knew that Republicans would abandon their election promises so quickly? I DID I DID!

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President Obama Opposes Earmarks. How About You Republicans?

So Republicans have been tripping over themselves trying to avoid keeping their promise to the Tea Party that they will bring an end to earmarks. President Obama signals in his Weekly Address that he is willing to help them keep their promise. Will the Republicans work with the President on something THEY and THEIR supporters also want? OR (I promise this is a much more likely scenario) will Republicans do a complete 180 and support earmarks just to be in opposition to the President? Whichever one it is you can bet that the Tea Party will forgive the Republicans and be super angry at President Obama.

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Dear John Boehner, You Know You Have The Majority, Right?

Apparently John Boehner doesn’t yet realize that his party is in the majority. Rather than use that majority to do something about the dreaded earmark, he wants President Obama to do the work for him: “We welcome President Obama’s remarks on earmark reform, and we call upon him to urge congressional Democrats to hold a vote next week on a similar measure. Furthermore, if the president is committed to real earmark reform, he could demonstrate that immediately by agreeing to veto any spending measure this year or next that includes earmarks.” [emphasis mine] Perhaps if Mr. Boehner was actually serious about his opposition to earmarks he would use his inevitable position as SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES to bring an earmark ban to the … Continue reading

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More Republicans Love The Earmarks…

This was entirely predictable because North Dakotans, for all their conservative leanings, love them some federal pork regardless of who brings it home. It looks like newly elected Senator, John Hoeven, will continue to bring it home… North Dakota Sen.-elect John Hoeven doesn’t support a ban on federal spending earmarks. Less than a week went by before Republicans started backing away from this promise but the OUTRAGE from the Tea Parties has been remarkably muted. I guess only time will tell whether the Tea Party outrage was real or simply manufactured to be mad about DEMOCRATIC earmark/deficit spending. Maybe as long as it is REPUBLICAN spending it is acceptable, right tea partiers?

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Will Freedom Protect The 7th District From Flooding?

Two articles in the last few days have brought into focus the problem Lee Byberg, Republican candidate in the 7th District, might face when running to replace Democrat Collin Peterson.

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