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The Permanent Interim Senator

The Minnesota recount is drawing to a close but will most likely be drawn out into the coming month or two months as the courts will inevitably be the last great hope for Norm Coleman. In the meantime, the state will be short one Senator. What should be done? Jeff Rosenberg, in his thoughts on the process, is indicating that neither Coleman nor Franken should be allowed to take the seat until the process is finally resolved: Until all appeals are exhuasted, we should not seat either Franken or Coleman. This has been a contentious election to say the least, with cries of fraud from both sides. Our state election officials, and party leaders both in Minnesota in the Senate, must put public trust above … Continue reading

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The Court Jester…

Okay, who has been reading my mind again?

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Year In Review: A Video Review Pt. 1

Here are some of the videos uploaded this year for my litloc channel:

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Year In Review: Better Know A Contributor

Here is the first in another series of posts I did examining the contributors of Michele Bachmann. Originally Posted June 28, 2008: This will be the first of a several part series examining some of the organizations and individuals who have decided to contribute to the Michele Bachmann for Congress Campaign. Bachmann is a darling of the ultra-conservative/religious right movement and nothing typifies that support more than the contributions she has received from the ultra right Eagle Forum PAC. In the past nine months, Bachmann has received a total of $3,500 from the organization led by conservative icon, Phyllis Schlafly. Eagle Forum touts itself as “leading the Pro-Family Movement since 1972“. Unfortunately, the actions and rhetoric of the organization and its founder are more anti-immigrant, … Continue reading

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Year In Review: Tim Walz

At the end of April, I created a series of posts to highlight the shining star of the Minnesota Congressional delegation. Originally Posted April 25, 2008: Living in the 6th Congressional District of Minnesota there is very little to be proud of in the way of congressional leadership. However, if you gaze your eyes to the southern swath of Minnesota you can find a leader that exemplifies everything good about our people driven government. Tim Walz, 1st District Representative, gave an exemplary speech this week on the floor of the House of Representatives. The speech is split into five parts (Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, & Part 5) and highlights the economic realities facing average middle income Americans. With a folksy demeanor, Walz cuts … Continue reading

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