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Conservative Group Laments That America May Become “Non-White”

Stay Classy, Phyllis Schlafly. The ultra conservative group, Eagle Forum, of which Schlafly is a founder took the news of rising immigrant births pretty badly. So badly, in fact, that they couldn’t help but take the opportunity to display some bigotry and xenophobia toward immigrants and minorities: For decades, the NY Times has been promoting immigration policies that heavily favored a huge influx of non-whites. Apparently, allowing people who are “non-white” into the country is one of those really bad super liberal ideas only advocated by the New York Times and certainly not acceptable to good conservative America loving white folks. The rant gets better as Hispanic immigrants are labelled “uneducated” and ALL immigrants are described as “illiterate” and opposed to American values such as … Continue reading

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MN Senate Republicans Keeping Dead Straight Spouses Safe From Dead Gay Spouses

Minnesota Senate Republicans who, in an amazing act of courage last year, kept our straight marriages safe from the scourge of gay marriages have once again come to the rescue of the straights. In the process of adding adult children to the list of people to whom health records of deceased patients could be shown, there was an attempt to include “domestic partners” with an amendment. You know what that means, right? First, it means that gay couples aren’t currently allowed to see the medical records of a deceased loved one. Second, it means that given the opportunity to allow gay couples to have this simple right, Minnesota Senate Republicans said NO. I am not sure how denying gay couples the right to see the … Continue reading

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GOP Debate Audience Members Boo Gay Solider

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St. Cloud Townhall Attendee: Obama Is A “Muslim Communist”

At a townhall meeting Tuesday evening for St. Cloud area state legislators, one local man chose to skip right past the state and local issues and go straight for the most important issue of our time. The issue of President Obama being an anti-Christian Muslim Communist. The man expressed his disgust for our current President then launched into a litany of standard conservative boogeymen such as the fairness doctrine and the ACLU as he pronounced that our President, despite being Christian, stood in opposition to EVERYTHING the man stood for as a Christian man. The audio is somewhat soft given that the man couldn’t seem to grasp the concept of modern technology but I tried to pump up the volume as best I could. Here … Continue reading

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The @MNGOP Tweet Of The Day: MN Representative Calls Liberal Gays “The Gestapo”

Representative Mary Franson (R) retweeted this thoughtful article about the “liberal gay gestapo“: How nice, chastising the tactics of those you don’t agree with by putting them in the same category as the Nazi Secret Police. It sort of defeats your whole argument that your opponents tactics are uncalled for when you say they are the same as a group who rounded up people (including and especially gay people) and slaughtered them wholesale. Just saying…

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