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Mystery Of The Day: Come Out, Come Out, Whomever You Are…

Earlier today a trollish comment appeared on a post I wrote about Representative Deb Kiel (R). Frankly, the comment was so silly and ridiculous that it made me giggle (that’s right, giggle) but I didn’t think much else about it other than to mock it. Hours later another trollish comment appeared on the same post. While the names were different for the two comments, they covered roughly the same trollish subject theme and more importantly came from the same ip address. Suddenly I have a much more interesting mystery on my hands. Someone isn’t happy with me and they want to really stick it to me in the comments of my own blog. Is this the same person using two different pseudonyms? If so, they … Continue reading

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Mark Olson & 'Saved': The Eerie Connection!

This past weekend I was randomly flipping through the channels and I came across a movie called ‘Saved‘. I am a little ashamed to say I watched it given that it featured the likes of teen popstar Mandy Moore and ‘Home Alone‘ flunky Macauley Culkin. That is hardly my point though! As I watched this satirical portrayal of Evangelical Christianity, I noticed a scene that made me stop in my tracks and proclaim, MOVIES REALLY DO INFLUENCE PEOPLE! Mark, were you copying what you saw in the movies?

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News of the weird…

What are they drinking down there in Nebraska? This state senator, a Democrat nonetheless, has decided to bring a lawsuit against GOD. Yes, you read that correctly, GOD! I may be a liberal and I may even be an agnostic, but there are some things we ought to be able to agree upon despite party labels and ideological beliefs. One of those things being TRYING TO SUE AN OMNISCIENT BEING THAT MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE CREATED ALL OF EXISTENCE IS STUPID! My one question: Sir, if your are an agnostic and therefore, doubt the very existence of God, doesn’t suing him validate his existence thereby invalidating your very beliefs? That sentence gave me a headache! Nebraska State Senator Sues GodDemocrat Says He’s Making A … Continue reading

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