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Princeton Bonding Request Survives

According to the Princeton Union Eagle, a local bonding request for $3.3 million was approved by the Minnesota State Senate Capital Investment Committee.

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Damned If You Do…

It’s almost a week old, but I caught this LTE by the Chair of the HD16B Republican Party, Jim Newberger. As best I can read the letter, Jim is angry at State Senator Lisa Fobbe for sending out a newsletter and disclosing to its readers that it was NOT paid for using money taken in by the government.

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Year in Review: Mark Olson

There are few things I will miss more this coming year and especially this coming legislative session than hearing the incoherent ramblings of Mark Olson. We always have the memories… Originally Posted February 2, 2008: Over at the Sherburne County Citizen, amongst several letters to the editor touting the upcoming caucuses, there is a letter from Representative Mark Olson. While I am not in his district, and believe me I thank the good Lord every day for that, I believe this man needs to be defeated. Obviously, I would like to see a Democrat take his place and have endorsed Steve Andrews, but to be honest, both Republicans and Democrats should be doing everything in their power to rid themselves of this character. If I … Continue reading

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Lisa Fobbe (DFL) Goes To St. Paul…

Lisa Fobbe (DFL) took the oath of office on Friday to become the next state senator from Senate District 16. Congratulations, Lisa! As your State Senator, I will work to help establish more affordable health care, safer roads and bridges and to reverse the dangerous trend of short changing Minnesota’s public education system. Working together we can make a difference. Lisa Fobbe I have only met Lisa once, at an open forum with other DFL candidates, but can say without hesitation that she has the knowledge and skills to do well for the people of her district. However, she will have to work hard to gain the support of her very red district.

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The St. Cloud Times is reporting that after initial recounts in both the SD16 and HD16A races, both Lisa Fobbe (DFL) and Gail Kulick-Jackson (DFL) have come away victorious. Fobbe, a Princeton school board member, saw her final margin narrow by one vote over Big Lake Republican Alison Krueger, to 84 votes in a Senate District 16 special election to replace Betsy Wergin.Kulick Jackson, a Milaca attorney, saw her final margin narrow by five votes over Rep. Sondra Erickson, R-Princeton, to an identical 84 votes in their House District 16A race.Once certified, the results would cement a 40-seat DFL majority in the House of Representatives and a 25-seat DFL supermajority in the Senate. These are particularly gratifying pick-ups given that the area that they now … Continue reading

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