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So Much For Process And Due Diligence…

I have been writing on and off for some time now to try to convince others that the Crown Hydro Project is a legitimate project worthy of moving forward in the process. Unfortunately, there are others out there tirelessly blocking it even at the expense of process and transparency. Over at Minnesota Progressive Project, Two Putt has yet another example in the North Star Chapter of the Sierra Club. It seems as though “due diligence” and an open process have given way to opposing projects on the flimsiest of evidence. That the North Star Chapter of The Sierra Club did not do fair, full, and open due diligence prior to publicly opposing Crown Hydro really isn’t in dispute; State Director Margaret Levin admitted last Friday … Continue reading

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The Inspiration Of Youth…

It’s been some time since I addressed the issues of Crown Hydro. During that time, Two Putt Tommy has been keeping up and writing about everything from the Park Board and its uses of the water from the river to the dynamics of the park board to the newest objections by Crown Hydro opponents. While Two Putt does a fantastic job addressing all the issues at play, I happened upon the site of another supporter of this project. More than just a couple bloggers addressing all of the objections to a legitimate project, this site is a broader call to action for Crown Hydro called “The Power of One Hundred“. What makes this site unique is that it was created by a young woman still … Continue reading

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Crown Hydro: The Mondale Letter…

One of the leading objector’s to the Crown Hydro Project has been Vice President Walter Mondale. Two Putt Tommy over at MN Progressive Project addressed some of the objections Mondale raised in a letter to the Minneapolis Park Board. One of those objections: We understand that the developer has assured the Park Board that the flow would not be impaired beneath 1,000 cubic feet per second. Look at the picture above and appreciate a 90+ reduction in the force of the flow and ask yourself what this will do to the most historically significant resource-the most visited attraction-that which we come to see as the power which gave rise to an infant industry by which Minneapolis became the flour capital of the world. Can anyone … Continue reading

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More Call To Action For Crown Hydro…

A couple days ago I wrote about yet another objection to the Crown Hydro Project. In addition to that I have begun providing the names and contact information for those elected officials closest to this situation. Local Legislators: Linda Higgins Bobby Joe Champion Park Commissioners: Jon Olson: 612–230-6443 #2 Now Two Putt Tommy has provided a further call to action by continuing to point out that this project fits perfectly into the renewable energy vision of President Obama. It’s interesting to look at President Obama’s agenda, on the White House website; “Energy & Environment”. They are not mutually exclusive, according to our newly elected President; the newly elected President that won in each and every … Continue reading

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Crown Hydro – The Objections Pt. 3

I have been largely missing in the blogs over the last couple weeks. During my time away there have been several developments on the Crown Hydro Project. First, a bill has been introduced in the Senate that would make it more difficult for the lowest levels of government to be a roadblock to a project which has been approved by every other level of government. Second, I received an email with a laundry list of objections which I have yet to address. 1) There are better alternatives. Xcel Energy currently operates a 12-megawatt hydroelectric power plant on the east side of the river at St. Anthony Falls. Crown Hydro proposes construction of a 3.2-megawatt hydroelectric power plant across the river on public land owned by … Continue reading

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