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Legislative Review W/Local Legislators Pt. 1

Yesterday evening I traveled out to St. Joseph to attend the Senate District 14 DFL meeting at which Representative Larry Hosch and Senator Tarryl Clark spoke with locals about the recent legislative session. Representative Hosch started things off with a brief review of both the budget put forward by Governor Pawlenty which he described as a budget of someone who would not be around to deal with its affects on Minnesota and the budget put forward by the legislature. The biggest sticking point between the two sides, according to Hosch, appears to be whether they solved the remaining $1 billion budget gap by borrowing the money through bonding like the Governor proposed or whether to increase taxes on the wealthiest Minnesotans and through other sales … Continue reading

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Steve Kelley (DFL) At SD14

Steve Kelley (DFL) spoke to a gathering of Democrats at the monthly SD14 meeting in St. Joseph on Tuesday, May 12. He is currently seeking the DFL endorsement to run for Governor in 2010. It is still far too early in the process for me to consider supporting anyone in this race or any race for that matter. However, I have always liked Steve Kelley…

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That Glass Houses Thing…

Caught the fun over at Let Freedom Ring, the fun interviews by Dan Ochsner of local legislators. “The Ox”, interviewed Representative Dan Severson and Senator Michelle Fischbach, both took a nice shot at Senator Tarryl Clark. Both legislators talked about Tarryl Clark’s taking $30,000+ in per diem in the context of the legislature needing to show leadership in cutting costs with the oversized deficit. It’s true.  Senator Clark, took $30,314.89 in per diem and alternate compensation last year. $12,864 total in per diem, $9312 during session and $3552 in the interim. $4,053.19 in mileage. $10,830 in lodging. $1,517.70 in travel. $1,050 for an intern. She’s also in a high profile leadership position within the Senate that requires some pretty extensive travel. Fiscal conservative legislator Dan … Continue reading

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St. Cloud Times Editorial Board: House District 14A & 14B

A few days ago I posted the St. Cloud Times Editorial Board interviews for House District 15A & 15B candidates with some commentary on those particular races and a prediction about who will be given the endorsement. The St. Cloud Times also did interviews for its endorsements in the House District 14A and 14B races. In House District 14A you have incumbent Dan Severson (R) going up against Rob Jacobs (DFL). This is a race that is absolutely winnable for Jacobs given his more conservative stances on social issues and the manner in which he has been running his campaign. When you couple that with the problems Severson has with blatant racism, spelling, imposing government even on “traditional” marriage, and perhaps being only the body … Continue reading

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