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Bachmann: Repeal Obamacare Before It ‘Literally Kills’ People!

Apparently Bachmann couldn’t keep a low profile for long and burst back on the stage with a string of hyperbole and falsehood so outrageous she is being described as the G.O.P.’s Bachmann Problem: People like Bachmann represent everything that is wrong with the Republican Party. She and her colleagues are hyperbolic, reactionary, ill-informed and ill-intentioned, and they have become synonymous with the Republican brand. We don’t need all politicians to be Mensa-worthy, but we do expect them to be cogent and competent. When all the dust settles from the current dustup within the party over who holds the mantle and which direction to take, Republicans will still be left with the problem of what to do with people like Bachmann. And as long as the … Continue reading

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But Chip, Nobody Cares What You Think Anymore…

Apparently, one term packsacker Chip Cravaack is going to end his term in style by teaming up with Michele Bachmann for a little bit of conspiracy theory driven politics… House Republicans, including Minnesota U.S. Reps. Michele Bachmann and Chip Cravaack, stepped up their campaign against U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice and comments she made immediately after the Sept. 11 attack on an American diplomatic compound in Libya. Here’s the problem, Chip, no one cares what you think about Susan Rice or anything else for that matter. It’s time to head back home to New Hampshire.

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Bill Clinton Visits St. Cloud State Campus! And I Have Pictures To Prove It…

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go hear former President, Bill Clinton, speak at St. Cloud State University. The event was great and President Clinton was awesome as usual. My location gave me a wonderful spot to snap an excessive amount of pictures using my novice photography skills. So, here they are in a slideshow or you can view them over at my flickr page… If you want to watch the event, head over to The Uptake and watch the replay of the whole event!

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The Completely Accurate 2012 MN Election Prediction Poll

Yesterday I was asked to make some predictions about election contests here in Minnesota. I did that HERE but thought I would turn this into a larger prediction contest so here we go: Take a moment and predict who you believe will win each of the following contests. This is NOT a poll of who you WANT to win each contest but rather who you EXPECT to win. Use the comment section for any extra predictions you have or to officially register your entry so we know who took up the challenge…  

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Jon Stewart Responds To Latest Bachmann Lies…

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