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Rochester Newspaper Gives Michele Bachmann A Big Thumbs Down

The Democrat & Chronicle out of Rochester, New York, took Representative Bachmann to task for opposing the discrimination settlements for black farmers across the country. From the paper: Up for Congress finally voting to fund a settlement made with black and Native American farmers who were victims of admitted institutionalized racism for years. Jeers to Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., who has criticized this just payout, using the loaded term “reparations” and babbling about political correctness. I have pretty much given up being outraged by the things that my Representative says and does but it’s nice to see others picking up the slack and describing her as “babbling“.

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Michele Bachmann Doesn’t Like Black People Getting Paid Back Money They Deserved

African American farmers have been discriminated against by the Department of Agriculture for years and just recently saw their hope repayment improve as the Senate passed a settlement bill. Talking Points Memo reports that the measure was paid for by cutting other areas of the budget: The Senate was finally able to pass the settlement, as well as one for American Indians whose land trusts were mismanaged by the government, because Democrats agreed to cut the money from other programs instead of paying with deficit spending. Among them are $2 billion from Customs fees, $562 million from surplus from WIC, a food stamps program for women and children, and an expected $2.7 billion saved by allowing the Treasury to recoup overpaid insurance claims from tax … Continue reading

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