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St. Cloud Islamic Center Opposition Sends REPLY ALL Email To Supporters. Forgets The BCC…

Gregory Jarrett of the St. Cloud Islamic Center opposition group, St. Cloud Citizens For Reasonable Zoning, sent out some emails today to what appears to be those individuals who signed up for such information. Either on purpose or perhaps by accident, Mr. Jarrett sent those emails without using the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) which allows the sender to hide the addresses of individuals receiving the message. Organizations typically use this in order to protect the identities of those on the email list. Included in the email is a back and forth between Mr. Jarrett and Scott P. Israelson, a traffic engineering consultant through a business known as Midwest Traffic Consulting, LLC. In the exchange, Jarrett and Israelson discuss the traffic plan put forward for the … Continue reading

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St. Cloud Planning Commission: Islamic Center Tabled [Initial Thoughts]

Tonight I attended the St. Cloud City Planning Commission at which testimony and discussion was had about a proposed Islamic Center and facilities in a residential area. The end result of around two hours of presentation, discussion, and questioning was a tabling of the motion before the commission thus putting decisions off until the next meeting. I got the sense, however, is that the commission is prepared to approve the project provided some more details and perhaps made some plan adjustments. My initial thought about the evening is that it was very respectful. Perhaps even more respectful than I thought it would be given the passion of beliefs on both sides. There certainly were accusations and hard feelings about what may or may not be … Continue reading

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St. Cloud Times Editorial Board Jumps Into Islamic Center Controversy

In recent weeks I have been casually monitoring the developments in St. Cloud over a proposed Islamic Center and the reaction by some to its construction. A group has been formed by an individual named, Gregory Jarrett, called St. Cloud Citizens for Reasonable Zoning to oppose the construction of the Center. From a recent St. Cloud Times article: In the letter to neighbors, St. Cloud Citizens for Reasonable Zoning calls the request “totally unacceptable.” The letter says the group is being organized to defend “our right to preserve the integrity of our residential neighborhood.” A basic search for the organization and its founder yields little apart from the above article and a rudimentary website in which visitors can sign a guest book and donate to the … Continue reading

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Happy Marriage Equality Day!

Happy Marriage Equality Day from the Minnesota House DFL!

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President Obama Speaks on Trayvon Martin

President Obama makes a statement about Trayvon Martin and the verdict of the court trial that followed the Florida teenager’s death.

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