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MN Senate Votes For Marriage Equality

I was unable to to make it to the Capitol to witness the MN House vote on the marriage equality bill so yesterday I took the opportunity and went down to the Capitol. I brought my camera and this is what I saw… CHECK OUT THE FULL SET OF 200 PICTURES HERE ON FLICKR

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Bill Clinton Visits St. Cloud State Campus! And I Have Pictures To Prove It…

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go hear former President, Bill Clinton, speak at St. Cloud State University. The event was great and President Clinton was awesome as usual. My location gave me a wonderful spot to snap an excessive amount of pictures using my novice photography skills. So, here they are in a slideshow or you can view them over at my flickr page… If you want to watch the event, head over to The Uptake and watch the replay of the whole event!

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Como Zoo

I recently visited the Como Zoo. I uploaded some of the pictures I took to my flickr account. Check them out here:

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St. Cloud Town Hall Photostream

I attended the SD 15 Townhall of area state legislators (Representative Steve Gottwalt, Representative King Banaian, and Senator John Pederson) this evening. While I have some analysis of the event coming soon, I also snapped some pictures and put them up on my flickr account as well as on a page in the menu bar above. Take a look while you wait patiently for the rundown of this event at which “constituencies” for government money were chastised but strangely enough one “constituency” was given every assurance that he would be fought for. Any guesses as to which one…

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Introducing Outstate Flickr…

So during the 2011 Special Session I was sitting up in the MN House Gallery taking pictures. Pictures such as this one of Senator Mike Parry holding court with his conservative brethren in the House Chamber… Those pictures sat around collecting dust in iPhoto until I decided to start putting political pictures I take online in a brand spanking new Outstate Politics Flickr Page. Also, certain sets of images will appear on their own page here on Outstate Politics. Take a look and feel free to use them under the licensing terms I have listed (they are pretty loose).

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