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MN GOP Amendment Title “Deceptive” Says Justice Paul Anderson

Video and transcription courtesy of The Uptake: MN GOP Amendment Title “Deceptive” Says Justice Paul Anderson from The UpTake. Like this? Watch the latest episode of The UpTake on Blip! From the bench Justice Anderson said: “I’ve looked at the debates on the floor. I’ve read the briefs. The supporter, former Secretary of State (Mary) Kiffmeyer, Representative Kiffmeyer says that this amendment will not change absentee balloting, mailed in voting. But I’ve looked at the regulations. I looked at the requirement. Absentee balloting does not require photo ID. And so, now I would say that the legislatures proposed question is maybe as deceptive or more that what the Secretary of State because it says “photo ID required for voting”, but we have the sponsor … Continue reading

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Gross Inaccuracies: IT’S TYRANNY! [Disclaimer: By tyranny I mean I disagree with you!]

So before my last blog went belly up and I had to start over from scratch I ran this series of posts called “Gross Inaccuracies” to catalogue some of the silly or blatantly false posts made by local conservative drone, Gary Gross. It’s time to bring it back because I can’t pass up pointing some things out from a recent post by Mr. Gross. Gary is really OUTRAGED that the Minnesota Supreme Court didn’t rule his way and because of that it is apparently time for a REVOLUTION: To those of us watching the Minnesota recount, it’s clear that the TEA Party revolution needs to be expanded to the judiciary. The reason I’m saying that is because of the Minnesota Supreme Court’s misbehavior in making … Continue reading

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Gross Inaccuracies: Let's Define Interpret

In an entirely predictable post, our good friend Gary Gross puts on his legal scholar cap and denounces the Minnesota Supreme Court ruling from yesterday.

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Legislative Update: Steve Gottwalt

There are plenty of issues on which Steve Gottwalt (R) and I disagree but the process of governance works best when you find those issues that you do agree upon and work together. Such is the case with House File 224. I question the need to put a Constitutional Amendment out there for what appears to be no other reason than reacting or over reacting to the current recount process. However, the one piece of the legislation that I think is common sense is the formation of retention elections for judges in the state. As it is, there are very few people in the state who pay even the slightest attention to judicial candidates on the ballot. My theory has always been that if I … Continue reading

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LTE: Severson Sweats The small Stuff

Buzz Snyder, the chairman of the District 14 DFL, has a wonderful LTE in the St. Cloud Times today about the myopic priorities of Representative Dan Severson (R). So when the Times asks my District 14A Rep. Dan Severson what his top priorities are for the current legislative session, how does he respond? In a Sunday Times news report, he said we need to politicize the judiciary more by letting judges campaign freely, and then allow their impeachment when we don’t like how they judge. Oh, and we need to curb the obvious epidemic of voter fraud (who knew?) by requiring state-issued picture IDs at the polls. This is like Custer fretting at the Little Big Horn that he lost his comb in all the … Continue reading

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