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A Better Bargain for the Middle Class

Nearly five years after the start of the Great Recession, President Obama kicks off a series of speeches laying out the progress we’ve made since then and the work that’s left to do to rebuild an economy where everyone who works hard can get ahead.

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Come ON, 47% Of Americans Are Poor & Lazy And They Aren’t Going To Vote For Me Anyway!

Nothing to see here, you just go back to sucking off the teat of government and just never you mind what Mitt Romney thinks about you… Oh stop it, don’t be so shocked! If you believed that Mitt Romney was in this thing to help the bottom 50% of Americans in any way, well then you probably deserve to be trickled on by a couple billionaires.

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Study: Mitt Romney Would Raise Taxes On The Middle Class While Cutting Them For The Rich

For all you working class or middle class folks thinking about voting for Mitt Romney, just know that he wants to raise your taxes in order to give millionaires a little extra pocket change. A new study shows exactly that: The study from the Tax Policy Center looks at the impact of Romney’s tax plan, which he promises will be revenue neutral. Romney has vowed to cut tax rates by 20 percent across the board, repeal the estate tax and get rid of taxes in investment income for those making up $200,000. He says the reduction these tax cuts will have on tax revenue will be offset in part by eliminating deductions and loopholes, though he has refused to say what deductions and loopholes he … Continue reading

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What Is Mitt Romney Hiding In Those Secret Tax Returns?

The Obama Campaign came out with another add hitting Romney hard on his refusal to disclose his tax returns and on the many ways he avoids paying taxes:

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Rukavina v. Garofalo: The Battle For The Middle Class

Representative Tom Rukavina (DFL) and Representative Pat Garofalo (R) had words with each other in committee each accusing the other and their party of hurting the middle class in Minnesota.

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