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St. Cloud Planning Commission: Islamic Center Tabled [Initial Thoughts]

Tonight I attended the St. Cloud City Planning Commission at which testimony and discussion was had about a proposed Islamic Center and facilities in a residential area. The end result of around two hours of presentation, discussion, and questioning was a tabling of the motion before the commission thus putting decisions off until the next meeting. I got the sense, however, is that the commission is prepared to approve the project provided some more details and perhaps made some plan adjustments. My initial thought about the evening is that it was very respectful. Perhaps even more respectful than I thought it would be given the passion of beliefs on both sides. There certainly were accusations and hard feelings about what may or may not be … Continue reading

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Weekly Address: Time for Congress to Pass Commonsense Immigration Reform

President Obama discusses the bipartisan legislation in the United States Senate that would take important steps towards fixing our broken immigration system, while growing our economy and reducing the deficit.

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Conservative Group Laments That America May Become “Non-White”

Stay Classy, Phyllis Schlafly. The ultra conservative group, Eagle Forum, of which Schlafly is a founder took the news of rising immigrant births pretty badly. So badly, in fact, that they couldn’t help but take the opportunity to display some bigotry and xenophobia toward immigrants and minorities: For decades, the NY Times has been promoting immigration policies that heavily favored a huge influx of non-whites. Apparently, allowing people who are “non-white” into the country is one of those really bad super liberal ideas only advocated by the New York Times and certainly not acceptable to good conservative America loving white folks. The rant gets better as Hispanic immigrants are labelled “uneducated” and ALL immigrants are described as “illiterate” and opposed to American values such as … Continue reading

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