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Lake Bemidji State Park

Happy Thursday! Here are some of the nature pictures I took while exploring Lake Bemidji State Park…

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Old Mill State Park

While I would never claim to be a “photographer” as that would carry some implied skills in common with actual professional photographers, I do like to take pictures. In fact, I even like to take pictures of nature. So to break the monotony of political mumbo jumbo, here are some pictures I took of Old Mill State Park in northwestern Minnesota. Check out my flickr page for more pictures of nature and politicians in their natural habitats.

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Year In Review: The Denial Continues…

Back in April, I attended a Global Warming Denial Forum put on by representatives in the area in conjunction with the Heartland Institute. Below is one of a series of posts examining their claims. For more, click HERE. Originally Posted April 19, 2008: This will be the first in a multi post address of the “debate” that occurred after the one hour viewing of An Inconvenient Truth. James Taylor returned to the stage in order to “shed light” on some of the issues mentioned by Al Gore. Mind you, there was no one allowed on the stage who could have challenged the assertions made by Mr. Taylor which is precisely why this was in no way an honest discussion of global warming. Stop for a … Continue reading

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Gary Gross: Flip-Flops On Flip-Flopping

Gary Gross, right wing blogger over at Let Freedom Ring, recently excoriated Barack Obama for a perceived flip flop on increased offshore drilling. “The more that Barack Obama talks about energy policy, the more he sounds like a John Kerry flip-flopper.” Now, aside from the fact that Gross wants to put words in Obama’s mouth that any honest person can tell are not there, he really ought to decide whether or not flip flopping is something to be ashamed of or whether it is something that people will “appreciate”. Less than two months ago, Gross was dismissing the flip flopping of his own candidate as not such a big deal and actually something that people in the voting public will like. “Let’s face facts. People … Continue reading

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Al, Mike, & Jack: An Issue Analysis (Environment)

It has been some time since our last issue analysis of the United States Senate Race in Minnesota. Today we examine the candidates positions on the environment as Senate District Convention results begin to take shape (see here, here, and here). Given that Norm Coleman has flunked the environment on the latest report card from Conservation Minnesota, it is crucial that we elect a Senator who is serious about the environment and our impact on the environment. Al Franken on the environment: Today, I think we need a new “Apollo project” – this time to fundamentally change our energy policy and end our reliance on foreign oil. The natural resources we have right here in Minnesota – not just corn and soybeans and biomass and … Continue reading

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