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Gross Inaccuracies: Lies Even Conservatives Have Already Debunked

Today’s episode of gross inaccuracies is a bit of twofer with local conservative blogger, Gary Gross going for some innuendo that even fellow conservative bloggers have long ago debunked as well as some new material which (a reputable site which debunks rumors) has called false. All of this is wrapped up in a post making the claim that President Obama is waging war against the Navy Seals specifically and the military, in general. First, Gross implies that President Obama is against the military because according to Gross he joined a lawsuit against military voting: In July, the Obama campaign joined a lawsuit in Ohio against special voting privileges for the military. Since then, President Obama’s favorability ratings have dropped in Ohio. He led Mitt … Continue reading

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Local conservative layabout, Gary Gross, has been churning out quite a few posts since the Supreme Court ruled that the Affordable Care Act is, in fact, Constitutional. Any one of those posts could be the subject of another episode of Gross Inaccuracies but who has the time to keep up with a single childless unemployed blogger who lives off the government he loathes. Today’s episode of Gross Inaccuracies concerns the most ludicrous of these most recent posts about how terribly awfully no good it is to now have Romneycare (oops, I mean Obamacare). Gross fawns over an exchange on Fox News between Sarah Palin and the token Democrat on the show about how there really are DEATH PANELS in the Affordable Care Act. Here is … Continue reading

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HEALTH FREEDOM MINUTE: Obama Is Coming For YOUR Inhalers!!! maybe… wait, never mind…

I caught this tweet today from super health freedomist, Twila Brase: Clearly, according to Brase and her source The Weekly Standard, President Obama is trouncing on the freedom of asthma sufferers everywhere. Well, tough cookies asthma sufferers! You should have written bigger checks to the Democratic party while you had the chance. Bwahahaha, that’s right asthma sufferers! If only you had given more money to the Democratic Party, President Obama wouldn’t be punishing you with evil new federal regulations. Now I’m not one to doubt the validity of a conservative activist and her sourcing from conservative media but a quick search found this piece from the blog Little Green Footballs: After conducting some research which took me all of 5 minutes it was revealed that … Continue reading

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The Death Of Another Bachmann Meme…

Throughout the summer, as gas prices soared to new heights, all we heard from the Congresswoman from Minnesota’s 6th District is drill baby drill. Unfortunately, the realities tended to escape her grasp… Her contention was simple, that we needed to dramatically increase the supply of oil by drilling everywhere regardless of the environmental implications. A new report out by 60 Minutes appears to put the Bachmann meme to rest and blames the spike in gas prices on rampant speculation. The historic swings in oil prices last year were the result of financial speculation from Wall Street and not supply and demand say several sources from the financial and oil communities. Leading the charge in making huge bets on the price of oil were investment banks … Continue reading

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Year In Review: Recession Proof?

The year began with Michele Bachmann still claiming that the economy was so great that it had been all but recession proofed by George W. Bush. Good call, Michele! Originally Posted January 4, 2008: In November, Michele Bachmann spoke to a group of loyalists on the economy and how we are currently living in a “recession proof” economy due to the tax cuts graciously bestowed upon the wealthy in 2003. She made this claim: “That’s what happens when you stimulate the economy from the private sector,” she said. Such stimulation makes an economy “recession proof,” she said, marked by “competition and prosperity.” It is evident that Bachmann takes her economic cues from George W. Bush by living by the theory that if you say something … Continue reading

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