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Brian Johnson For 15B Pimary Election Press Release

I received a press release today from MN House of Representatives candidate, Brian Johnson (DFL), reminding everyone in the newly drawn 15B MN House District to vote in the primaries tomorrow as he faces a perennial candidate… On Tuesday, August 14, 2012, there will be a DFL primary for the Minnesota House of Representatives, District 15B. As a result of the recent legislative redistricting there is not an incumbent candidate within District 15B, which includes portions of Wright, Morrison, Benton and Sherburne counties and cities of Becker, Clearwater, Foley, Rice, and many others. Brian Johnson is the DFL endorsed candidate.  He lives in Clearwater Township with his wife, Jenny.  He enjoys fishing, hunting, and composing and playing music.  Brian owns his own small business, B. … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Brian Johnson (DFL) Running For Newly Formed House District 15B

Brian Johnson, a lawyer and small business owner in Clearwater, sent out an email today to delegates (I happen to be one of those delegates) attending the DFL convention for the newly formed MN House District 15B. The email introduced the candidate and hinted at the broader campaign theme for 2012:   I believe that one way to accomplish these goals is to work together to protect the middle class.  In recent years, Minnesotans have witnessed an inefficient and dysfunctional state legislature. I am motivated, energized and dedicated to working vigorously for Minnesotans.  The message of “working together to accomplish Minnesota goals” will be at the forefront of my campaign. To my knowledge, there are no other candidates seeking the endorsement so unless I am … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Collin Peterson Responds To News Of Byberg Endorsement

In an exclusive press release, Outstate Politics received the following video message from the Peterson for Congress Campaign regarding the news that the MN 7th District Republican Party endorsed Lee Byberg over one term state senator, Gretchen Hoffman: It is unclear as of yet whether Byberg will resurrect his bus with the questionable imagery or his famous slogan about being “Twice American” (with accompanying sing along CD). What is clear, however, is that the Peterson campaign looks forward to another spirited campaign with Byberg.

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BREAKING: MN SOS Places Anti-Voter ID Propanganda Where Literally NO ONE Will Find It!

In a shocking development, The Minnesota Republican Party found evidence to suggest that Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie is using his office and its website to provide voting and election data to the people of Minnesota. How dare he provide raw data with little or no context, claimed Republican Party Chair, Pat Shortridge! More surprising, said sources close to the Secretary of State who spoke on the condition that I leave them the hell alone and let them do some actual work, is that someone finally visited the website of MN Secretary of State and clicked on the link for Voting & Elections. More on this breaking story as it develops…

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Press Release: Public Employees Are Not The Enemy

It really has come to this. That we have to even make this statement shows the sorry state of affairs for the state and the country. From Representative Michael Nelson (DFL) in District 46A: Far too often, people simply take our public employees and their hard work for granted, but when you stop to think about it, their work touches our lives every day. When you wake up in the morning the water you drink is tested by a public employee to ensure it’s free of contaminants. You drive to work on roads plowed and salted by snowplow drivers employed by the state, cities, and counties, while your children sit in a classroom taught by a public school teacher. When you struggle to drive home … Continue reading

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