Dan Severson "We Are Taking On The Minnesota ACORNS"

This is an update to a previous story in which Outstate Politics chronicled the campaign messaging of Representative Dan Severson (R) who is seeking the Republican endorsement to take on Mark Ritchie (DFL) for Secretary of State of Minnesota.

Recently, though, more evidence was sent to me from the fan page of the Minnesota 7th Congressional District Republican Party that Representative Severson is running for election less out of a desire to serve than a desire to seek some sort of revenge for electoral losses in 2008. On the page, Severson encourages people to visit his website because he is “going after Minnesota ACORNS” which is an apparent reference to the community organizing group that has become something of a white whale for conservatives.

It appears that this “get the ACORNS” message is a theme that extends beyond a message on one Minnesota Republican Facebook page. Severson is splattering the idea across every conservative Facebook Page he can find:

Waseca County Republican Party Facebook Fan Page

Olmstead County Republican Party Facebook Fan Page

While the messaging is not entirely unexpected from a conservative candidate it does seem somewhat counterproductive to the meme being cultivated by the broader Republican Party in Minnesota who have tried to paint Mark Ritchie as a partisan DFLer who stole the 2008 election for Al Franken. It becomes increasingly difficult for the Republican Party to use this meme when its candidate for the position uses as his campaign message that he is going to use the office of Secretary of State to “take on Minnesota ACORNS“. My initial email to the Severson campaign for comment was opened but never responded to so I have sent another email in the hopes that they will provide answers.

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