Gross Inaccuracies: Don’t Take My Government Job, OR…

“The continuing saga of one conservative fighting tooth and nail to help another conservative keep his government job.”

Gary Gross is rip roaring mad! Why, you ask. Well, if you remember awhile back we learned that his friend is losing his government job. Now I know conservatives are supposed to dislike government and like when government is cut to make it smaller but that doesn’t mean they want their conservative friends to lose their government jobs. So Gary has ramped up his fight in the last few weeks against those dirty bastards in government to make sure they give his conservative friend and former Republican candidate, Jeff Johnson his government job back!

So mad is Gary Gross that he has taken to attributing himself as a source of evidence to prove his own points and mistakenly sourcing other information

It’s obsene considering the fact that a) Minnesota is facing difficult budget decisions and b) McCormick already made $360,000 that year. It’s so obsene that a LaCrosse, WI newspaper is weighing in on the decision:

OH MY GOD! A LaCrosse newspaper wrote about Minnesota. Well that proves it’s obscene right there. Well, unless you click on the link and realize that it just goes to another article about Gary Gross whining about the MNSCU system and wondering why his poor conservative friend can’t keep his government job. Oh, and by the way Gary, the article came from Winona, MN, and not LaCrosse, WI. Maybe we need some more geography majors in our MNSCU system.

The thing to remember in all of the higher education inaccuracies presented by Gary Gross is the theme that his friend Jeff Johnson should get to keep his government job while those other liberalish sounding majors ought to be cut.

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  • Anonymous

    And here I thought Minnesota was supposed to live within it’s means.  Guess what?  This is what that looks like.  

    Cheer loudly when cuts have to be made, but whine and moan when the cuts happen to fall on someone or something close to you.  

    But in Gary’s defense, who knew taking the higher ed. budget from 2.8 to 2.5 billion from the last biennium to this one would result in higher education cuts?  

    The cuts…they came out of NOWHERE!!!!

  • Tommy Johnson

    #1U #RWNJ #MNleg #StribPol RT @e_austin #GrossInaccuracies: Don’t Take My Government Job, OR…

  • Tommy Johnson

    #1U #RWNJ #MNleg #StribPol RT @e_austin #GrossInaccuracies: Don’t Take My Government Job, OR…