HEALTH FREEDOM MINUTE: Obama Is Coming For YOUR Inhalers!!! maybe… wait, never mind…

I caught this tweet today from super health freedomist, Twila Brase:


Clearly, according to Brase and her source The Weekly Standard, President Obama is trouncing on the freedom of asthma sufferers everywhere.

Well, tough cookies asthma sufferers! You should have written bigger checks to the Democratic party while you had the chance.

Bwahahaha, that’s right asthma sufferers! If only you had given more money to the Democratic Party, President Obama wouldn’t be punishing you with evil new federal regulations.

Now I’m not one to doubt the validity of a conservative activist and her sourcing from conservative media but a quick search found this piece from the blog Little Green Footballs:

After conducting some research which took me all of 5 minutes it was revealed that this was not an act secretly concocted by the Obama administration but in fact one created during the Bush White House years and finalized in November of 2008

WHAT? this policy was actually set in motion by Republican President George W. Bush? But wait, there is even more…

Ronald Wilson Reagan endorsed the Montreal Protocol to the US Senate that set the wheel in motion that would lead to the banning of all CFC containing products including the inhalers mentioned by Big Government.

Well that’s just awesome. Clearly it is President Obama’s fault that Ronald Reagan signed on to a document which led George W. Bush to phase out a certain type of inhaler. Go read the whole debunking because it is pretty thorough and well written. Also, a big thanks to Twila Brase for breathlessly repeating conservative media without so much as a rudimentary fact check thus showing herself once again to be little more than a demagogue.

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