Gross Inaccuracies: Government Jobs Are For CONSERVATIVES ONLY!

For some time now this blog has been following the highly amusing story of conservative activist and local layabout, Gary Gross, trying desperately to convince his readers that his friend, a conservative elected official and public university professor, Jeff Johnson deserves his government job at Saint Cloud State University. You see, despite all his other writings about how the super evil menace of government should be cut to the bone, Gross feels that perhaps an exemption should be made for Mr. Johnson because frankly he is super awesome and his government job is useful to the community [disclaimer: the aforementioned statement about the super awesomeness of Mr. Johnson's government job should in no way indicate that maybe government can create jobs].

[on a side note, so is the government job of his other friend, Leo Pusateri, so please ONLY vote yes on the Rocori school levy. Vote NO on all those other districts, though. Damn commies! Also, see above disclaimer about government jobs.]

Rocori has been underfunded for years. Voting to combine operating levies while putting them in place for a decade is what’s needed. Stability is essential anywhere. Stability is especially essential at Rocori.

Full disclosure: I have a friend who teaches at Rocori. My opinion, however, is based on the fact that the school has been underfunded for years. That’s the worst kept secret in central Minnesota.

In his latest screed on the subject, Gross goes after SCSU President Earl Potter for what Gross sees as a veiled attack on Mr. Johnson. Furthermore, Gross feels that instead of cutting the government job of his conservative friend he should look no further than those damned liberal majors who serve no use to society.

Simply put, President Potter blew it with this decision.

He closed a program that’s a) relatively inexpensive and b) producing well-trained graduates who frequently get good paying jobs immediately after graduating.

President Potter is intent on keeping open a Masters Degree program for 20-30 students a) that’s expensive, b) that pleases only the PC police and c) that only helps in creating student loan debt.

It’s time for President Potter to finish his PC personal agenda. It’s time he started making wise decisions on how to spend the taxpayers’ money.

From the transcript provided by Gross, Potter doesn’t mention Johnson or local legislators by name but clearly Gross knows who Potter is talking about. So, he goes on the counter attack by once again calling out Potter for cutting the aviation program and keeping those damned dirty liberal majors. Apparently the only government jobs worth keeping are those that keep conservatives employed.

On a related note, in September I attended a meeting at which a couple interesting things happened. First, Jeff Johnson got up and spoke about his personal agenda to get people to help him fight for his government job. Check out the video:

The second interesting thing was that these legislators kept making reference to “constituencies” and how those constituencies always felt like their program or their part of the government should be spared from cuts. These constituencies, they said, would have to realize that it is time to cut government and that no constituency was sacred.

Well, it appears they misspoke about that last part. If the post by Gross and comments by Potter are any indication, there is at least one constituency who will have the full force of King Banaian, Steve Gottwalt, and John Pederson behind it and that is the constituency of conservative buddies begging for their jobs to be saved and demanding that other supposed liberal majors be cut instead.

It’s nice to see these conservatives acknowledging the importance of government jobs. Let’s just hope that at some point they support and see value in all government jobs and not just those held by their conservative friends.

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