Redistricting Day Redux

Minnesota House District 15B

MN House District 15B

Like the colossal nerd that I am I took off a couple days from work to study the new district maps put out by the Minnesota courts.

On the congressional level, I remain firmly in the 6th District with our super amazing and not at all embarrassing representative, Michele Bachmann. It has been the policy of this blog for some time to ignore her in the hope that she fades into irrelevance. That policy will continue…

On the state level, it’s too soon to tell who benefits more from this map. I have read Republicans claim that they benefit and I have heard from Democrats that they benefit. My initial assumption is that the maps are a wash for both sides but time will tell given that some data has yet to be released. On the plus side, I went from being represented by Mary Kiffmeyer (R) to having an open seat (Take a look here at the House Pairings & Senate Pairings). On the negative side, the district I am in remains a pretty deep red area.

If you are interested (I know you are!) in the newly drawn district lines, then click over to the resources provided by the MN Geographic Information System. There is also a neat tool HERE where you can simply type in your address to find out your new district.

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