So Paul Ryan Sought Obama Stimulus & Argued For Bush Stimulus. Does Anybody Care?

A link came scrolling across my twitter this morning blaring, PAUL RYAN HYPOCRISY, with a story/video link from MSNBC show, Up With Chris Hayes. The video clearly shows Representative Paul Ryan, now Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan, advocating for a government stimulus package which he now claims does not work:

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The subsequent storyline is that Ryan, who also sought Obama stimulus dollars while claiming they didn’t work, is a hypocrite for doing so. My initial thought is probably similar to most Democrats who roll their eyes and see just another conservative hypocrite who claims to hate government but only when it is convenient for them. My second thought, however, is does anybody really care?

Republicans will certainly ignore these pieces of information and stick with the here and now version of Paul Ryan who thinks government stimulus is a communist plot to take over the world. Or something.

Democrats have pointed this out before as conservative after conservative has taken government money while railing against it and it certainly hasn’t won them any more seats in Congress.

So does this sway any independent or persuadable voters? Does the image of Paul Ryan as a stimulus defender during Republican administrations with a sudden change of heart for a Democratic administration make people any less likely to vote for him? Isn’t that just the way politics works?

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