Dan McGrath Claims VOTER FRAUD Partially To Blame For Voter ID Failure

While McGrath claims money as the principle cause for the defeat of the Voter ID Amendment and spends many many paragraphs whining about how super awesome his message was and how super mean the opposition messages were, he doesn’t forget to add this little gem:

Ultimately, money was the principle factor in the defeat of the Voter ID amendment. Initial post-election research now being conducted by Minnesota Majority indicates that voter fraud likely played a role, but voter fraud is only effective in a close election. It shouldn’t have even been close. Despite the defeat of the constitutional amendment, the people of Minnesota clearly support requiring photo ID to vote, but were misled to believe that the constitutional amendment was an egregious way to accomplish it. With adequate resources to counter the lies and scare tactics of the opposition, Voter ID could have been ratified handily. [emphasis mine]

Yes, Minnesota Majority is still doing research into all that voter fraud and some day, SOME DAY I TELL YOU, they will find it and you will all rue the day, Minnesota! RUE THE DAY!

Sorry, I got a little carried away…

Just remember, a victory for the amendment would have indicated a completely fair election so that we can have completely fair elections. Consequently, a loss for the amendment obviously indicates a completely fraudulent election rigged so that we cannot have completely fair elections. Does that about sum it up, Dan?

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  • MinnesotaCentral

    Just curious, did Mr. McGrath mention how many newspaper editorial boards encouraged voters to vote YES … I know that 58 newspaper boards encouraged voters to cast a NO vote. Many of the newspapers did question the wisdom of changing the Minnesota Constitution but they also cited the cost and the failure to prove that voter fraud was a problem.

    Considering the number of voters who took the time to vote on the Constitutional Amendments, it is a recognition of how important that voters felt about this election. For example, I looked at the voting activity in the Second Congressional District and the Marriage Amendment had 375,018 ballots cast; the Voter ID had 374,012 … now compare that to the US Senate contest where only 366,576 voters cast ballots … the US House seat had 358,444 … the MN Senate had 356,062 while the MN House had 346,836 … it’s a tribute to the Minnesota voters that they cared more about Constitutional Amendments then they cared about who would represent them in the Congress or the State Legislature.

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