Gross Inaccuracies: But Government Doesn’t Create Jobs!!! Except when it does…

Do you remember when cutting government meant allowing the private sector to thrive? Government, we are told, only drains resources from the private sector and can never EVER create jobs. It is the mantra of every small government conservative and it is the daily reminder from unemployed conservative blogger, Gary Gross.

Except today apparently:

Also discussed was how the decision was reached. In the commission’s opinion, the public’s input was limited at best. The commission is putting a resolution that a) talks about the economic impact closing the department down will have on St. Cloud’s economic development and b) will call for a more transparent, public process. [emphasis mine]

WHOA WHOA WHOA! How is it possible that making a government entity such as St. Cloud State University smaller would have a negative impact on the economic development of St. Cloud? If anything, conservative theory should tell us that the free market and the private sector are now free to soar in ways they were held back by that dastardly government.

Oh wait, could it be that since conservative ally Jeff Johnson is losing his job because we are cutting government spending (something he and Gross previously supported) that now spending on THIS government program is important? I guess now we see that when government is spending on our allies Gary Gross and St. Cloud conservatives can be counted on to support government but when government is spending money on our enemies THEN it is really really bad and needs to be cut. Now I understand…

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  • Jeff Rosenberg

    I love the three exclamation points in the title. Very authentic.

  • Anonymous

    I had to make sure people understand that government couldn’t possibly create jobs. Well, except apparently for these jobs Gross is talking about but no others. ;)

  • Erik Hare

    Excellent example. It’s along the lines of “government shouldn’t control our lives!” except when it comes to setting up borders, telling people where they can/can’t build a mosque, and so on.

    I’d have a debate with an of these guys on basic principles, but when they try to fake a basic principle that they clearly are more talk than walk it’s rather pointless.