Are Conservative Lawmakers Being Escorted Around Capitol By Security?

So this guy is really excited to have voted for Senator Gretchen Hoffman because she is going after the unions and the poor people. Apparently destroying unions and kicking poor people is what really attracts business to the state. Anyway, it’s a pretty standard conservative letter filled with praise for a conservative lawmaker. Until you get to this part:

And her work in committees to expose and cut unnecessary jobs and payroll expenses in some bloated governmental agencies and departments has got the government labor unions so angry with her that there are days when several Capitol police have to escort her and other conservative lawmakers around the halls of the Legislature to ensure her safety from the threats of the unions. [emphasis mine]

Really? Are conservative lawmakers wandering around with security details because of some “union threat”? Somehow I really doubt this claim but it would be interesting to know where Mr. Mullins heard this rumor.

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