Gross Inaccuracies: “Help Me Save My Conservative Friends Government Job!”

Gary Gross, local conservative drone, really thinks that government ought to be shrunk because frankly it’s a terrible awful no good very bad thing. So bad that when he goes to get the benefits it generously provides him as an unemployed right wing blogger he has to write about his bad experience.  Now I know it seems odd for someone who hates government so much to literally suckle at its teat but believe me there is some logic behind it. I am not sure what it is but trust me it’s there.

Anyway, in this latest installment of Gross Inaccuracies we find Gary once again fighting to keep government jobs despite his daily cheering for cuts to government in those very same areas. So, for the sake of clarity I thought I would translate this post for those who perhaps don’t understand the logic of someone who demands cuts but then whines when those cuts are actually made.

[The following is a direct translation of THIS POST]

Sorry for beating a dead horse but I just received information from my conservative friend Jeff Johnson who happens to be in the Aviation Department at St. Cloud State University. He sent me a list of the 15 most expensive departments which I will now use to question their importance and frankly beg for my conservative friend to keep his government job even though it was both he and I who cheered cuts to the higher education budget.

I have written about the Masters degree program for Social Responsibility before and because I perceive it to be one of them damn liberal commie programs I see no value in it and now demand it be cut in favor of my conservative friend Jeff Johnson. I also don’t think you should be spending money to keep kids healthy with one of those student health services place (sounds a little Obamacarish) so I think that should go too in favor of my conservative friend Jeff Johnson.

So, in closing, please help my friend Jeff Johnson keep his government job because when I demanded cuts to higher education I didn’t realize that it might affect someone I knew. Instead, please cut programs that sound a little too liberal for me even though those programs are growing or financially sustainable and the program my friend Jeff Johnson is in was not.

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  • Gary_Gross

    Eric, Are you that disinterested in the truth? The information I got on salaries were part of a newsletter from an Aviation Department student.

  • Anonymous

    Thing is Gary, I think you are lying. I thought that was made pretty clear in the post but perhaps I need to be more blunt with you. Tell poor Jeff Johnson to stop whining. He got what he wanted which is cuts to government. Suddenly government doesn’t seem so bad.

  • Gary_Gross

    Eric, I can’t stop you from thinking I’m lying. The information, though, was emailed to me by an Aviation student. If you choose to not believe that, that’s your decision.

    I won’t lose a split-second of sleep over it, either. You’re not worth worrying about.

  • Anonymous

    For once we agree, Gary. You can’t stop me from thinking you are lying.

    Also, I’m not all that concerned about whether you lose sleep or not. I am concerned that you use up a lot of my tax dollars being an unemployed government hater.