University of Minnesota Student Group Organizes To Support Severson

A new student group registered at the University of Minnesota aims to help Republican Secretary of State candidate, Dan Severson defeat Secretary of State Mark Ritchie. From the student groups page:

Students for Dan Severson for Secretary of State is committed to electing Dan Severson to bring election integrity back to the great state of Minnesota. We will be working to get out the student vote and organizing volunteers for the campaign.

It is unclear what, if any, official connection the student group has to the Severson Campaign but a brief search of Amanda Erickson, a co-chair of the group, yields a twitter account and a personal blog called “Glitzy Bitch“.

With the Republican Party Convention coming this weekend, I wonder if this groups has learned as many things as I have about Dan Severson:

What have I learned about Representative Severson in the past year and a half?

To top it off, there are the numerous reports that come to me from unrelated sources indicating that Severson is really just the face and his wife truly wields all the power from behind the scenes. So, we have a guy who appears to hate Mexican Americans, Arab Americans, and homosexuals and we are supposed to entrust him to keeping elections fair and ensuring that ALL Minnesotans have the right and opportunity to cast a vote? I don’t think so…

I sure hope this student group informs all those college students about these beliefs held by Mr. Severson so that they can get to know the real candidate.

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