About Outstate Politics

Eric Austin was born and raised in the northwest corner of Minnesota. After graduating from Bemidji State University he found a teaching job in Central Minnesota and moved his family farther south along the Mississippi River. He now resides in St. Cloud and teaches United States Government at a local high school.

It would be easy for me to describe myself as the go to source for all political news beyond the outer ring of suburbs. It would be easy for me to claim some mantle of expertise about Greater Minnesota having spent my entire life out here. It would be easy for me to say those things but frankly, I am just a guy with a blog who happens to enjoy writing about politics and who happens to be from Outstate Minnesota.

So, Outstate Politics is my attempt to add my opinion to the political dialogue in Minnesota. I don’t claim to know it all but I have a perspective that you can take for what it is worth. That being said, I intend to write about those things that interest me, ignore those things that don’t interest me, and mock those things that deserve mockery (That’s going to be a lot of it).

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