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Quote of the Day: Ted Lillie Wants Your Tax Dollars For A Republican Sex Scandal

A letter to the editor in the Woodbury Bulletin about Republican Senator, Ted Lillie, provides this succinct little message about what a Minnesota Senate controlled by Republicans really accomplished in the last two legislative sessions and what they REALLY want moving forward… So if “Travelin’ Ted” Lillie tells you he is “defending” Woodbury taxpayers, don’t believe him for one minute. Lillie still very definitely wants your tax dollars – but not to pay for public safety or education. Lillie wants your tax dollars to pay for a Republican Senate sex scandal. OK, maybe that’s not all they want but it’s still a good reminder that a Republican Minnesota Senate majority didn’t just screw each other. They intend to screw you too!

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Who Controls The HHS Committee in the MN House? Steve Gottwalt or Mary Franson?

In our last episode, titled ‘The On Again/Off Again Love Affair Of Steve Gottwalt & Obamacare‘ we found Gottwalt trying reclaim health exchanges from Governor Dayton. At the end of that post, I wondered how long Gottwalt would continue to love the Obamacare with the tea party breathing down his neck. Well, this article provides a glimmer of an answer. Of course, he explains, Obamacare is an evil no good very bad thing but this ONE part of Obamacare is maybe sort of not so bad: St. Cloud Republican, Rep. Steve Gottwalt, who chairs the House Health And Human Services Reform Committee went so far as to say that Republicans need to come up with their own kind of exchange. “An exchange as a model … Continue reading

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St. Cloud Town Hall Photostream

I attended the SD 15 Townhall of area state legislators (Representative Steve Gottwalt, Representative King Banaian, and Senator John Pederson) this evening. While I have some analysis of the event coming soon, I also snapped some pictures and put them up on my flickr account as well as on a page in the menu bar above. Take a look while you wait patiently for the rundown of this event at which “constituencies” for government money were chastised but strangely enough one “constituency” was given every assurance that he would be fought for. Any guesses as to which one…

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The On Again/Off Again Love Affair Of Steve Gottwalt & OBAMACARE

There was a time in the life of Representative Steve Gottwalt (R) when he had a seething and unadulterated hatred of OBAMACARE and took every opportunity to scream out in opposition. That was, however, before he got into the majority and had no responsibility in actually governing. During the 2011 legislative session, as newly minted HHS Committee Chairperson, Gottwalt came to embrace and love OBAMACARE in the form of health insurance exchanges each state is required to create. It was the perfect opportunity to turn the health exchanges into a strong conservative version of health insurance and to assert our states’ rights. Minnesota wouldn’t be forced into the federal exchange but rather develop its own, probably more effective, version. The problem was that the Gottwalt … Continue reading

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Dear Representative Fabian: The Truth About Education Funding For Thief River Falls Public Schools

This week I have been covering the lies and distortions being spread by some Republican legislators about education funding in their area schools. The problem with all the figures and percentages used by different groups is that they can be skewed by people like Representative Fabian to make it seem as though schools such as those in Thief River Falls are going to be getting increases of around $299 per pupil unit. While his colleague to the south, Representative Kiel, was later forced to apologize for misspeaking, the information put out by Fabian is still out there and has not been disputed. Therefore, we don’t actually know how the votes taken by Fabian and Kiel will affect places like Thief River Falls. The reality is … Continue reading

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