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But Chip, Nobody Cares What You Think Anymore…

Apparently, one term packsacker Chip Cravaack is going to end his term in style by teaming up with Michele Bachmann for a little bit of conspiracy theory driven politics… House Republicans, including Minnesota U.S. Reps. Michele Bachmann and Chip Cravaack, stepped up their campaign against U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice and comments she made immediately after the Sept. 11 attack on an American diplomatic compound in Libya. Here’s the problem, Chip, no one cares what you think about Susan Rice or anything else for that matter. It’s time to head back home to New Hampshire.

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“The New Hampshire home where Republican Rep. Chip Cravaack’s family lives”

Now if you didn’t know what state Congressman Cravaack represented, where might you think based on that quote from a recent news article? Well, Minnesota of course… The congressman from Minnesota’s 8th District revealed details of his personal finances for 2011 in the statement posted online by the House clerk today. What better way to represent the people of Minnesota’s 8th District than to move your entire family to the east coast. Awesome. Just awesome…

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How Many “Bills” Has YOUR MN Congressperson “Passed”?

Earlier today a tweet scrolled across my tweetdeck by a user named “Mad Voter in MN CD4” that caught my interest. The user, I assume a conservative, asked the Minnesota DFL Party and Democrats in general, I assume, to count the number of “bills” passed by Minnesota Congresswoman Betty McCollum who represents the 4th Congressional District. The implication being that McCollum is ineffective due to the perceived lack of “bills” passed. Given the limitations of twitter and its 140 character limit, the tweet did not define what types of bills or legislation or amendments were acceptable to “Mad Voter” nor did the tweet address whether they truly believed whether the number of bills passed by a member of Congress was the best metric for effectiveness. … Continue reading

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Republican Contenders In CD-7 & CD-8 Try To Out Conservative One Another

On Monday, Republican candidates from both Congressional District 7 & 8 who intend to take on long time representatives Collin Peterson and Jim Oberstar attended a forum at Bemidji State University in the apparent hope that they could lay claim to the title of most conservative candidate.

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