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Republican Secretary Of State Candidate Running For Election To "Go After" ACORN

In December, Outstate Politics reported on the new campaign website of Minnesota Secretary of State candidate, Dan Severson. At the time, Severson indicated that his impetus for running was to, in his words, “hold liberals accountable“. Strangely, those references to liberals and leftists were soon scrubbed from the site.

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Dan Severson: "I Don't Want To Play With You ANYMORE"

Dan Severson, House District 14A Representative and one of the Republican candidates for Minnesota Secretary of State in 2010 has an opinion piece in the St. Cloud Times today. Without skipping a beat, the official mouthpiece drone of the local Republican Party, Gary Gross, already has a post up repeating the sad tale of the plucky but determined minority party but provides some of his very own information that definitively proves that what Minnesotans were saying in the 2008 elections by choosing a veto proof Minnesota Senate and a near veto proof Minnesota House is that they wanted conservative solutions to all the problems facing the state. I thought about fisking both Severson and Gross but there is simply too much whine and it depresses … Continue reading

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Dan Severson Gets A Website…

I didn’t notice it until this weekend but Dan Severson finally rolled out his new campaign website in order to take on Secretary of State Mark Ritchie in 2010. While I haven’t looked very closely at the site, let’s hope that there are fewer racist “family fun” videos that you will decide to defend and fewer spelling and/or grammatical errors. Although I do enjoy this line: We need a credible, tenacious candidate who will hold Ritchie and the liberals accountable. I am willing to be that person, and I humbly ask for your support. Apparently Mr. Severson is running based solely on his crusade to hold “liberals accountable“. Well, I guess that whole meme that Michael Brodkorb and others have been pushing about Mark Ritchie … Continue reading

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Legislative Update: Dan Severson

While I applaud the effort to keep children safe from predator’s that lurk on the internet, it seems like an unworkable proposition to make it illegal for them to access social networking sites. Such is the case with House File 130 being co-authored by Representative Severson (R). How does one effectively police this type of situation? The only way someone is found to be an online sexual predator is typically after the damage has been done. If your goal is keeping children safe, we need to find ways to stop the initial predatory act. After this point, how many resources will it take to police their internet usage and online memberships? How much liability is there on the part of these sites to keep predator’s … Continue reading

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LTE: Severson Sweats The small Stuff

Buzz Snyder, the chairman of the District 14 DFL, has a wonderful LTE in the St. Cloud Times today about the myopic priorities of Representative Dan Severson (R). So when the Times asks my District 14A Rep. Dan Severson what his top priorities are for the current legislative session, how does he respond? In a Sunday Times news report, he said we need to politicize the judiciary more by letting judges campaign freely, and then allow their impeachment when we don’t like how they judge. Oh, and we need to curb the obvious epidemic of voter fraud (who knew?) by requiring state-issued picture IDs at the polls. This is like Custer fretting at the Little Big Horn that he lost his comb in all the … Continue reading

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