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Dan McGrath Claims VOTER FRAUD Partially To Blame For Voter ID Failure

While McGrath claims money as the principle cause for the defeat of the Voter ID Amendment and spends many many paragraphs whining about how super awesome his message was and how super mean the opposition messages were, he doesn’t forget to add this little gem: Ultimately, money was the principle factor in the defeat of the Voter ID amendment. Initial post-election research now being conducted by Minnesota Majority indicates that voter fraud likely played a role, but voter fraud is only effective in a close election. It shouldn’t have even been close. Despite the defeat of the constitutional amendment, the people of Minnesota clearly support requiring photo ID to vote, but were misled to believe that the constitutional amendment was an egregious way to accomplish … Continue reading

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Mary Kiffmeyer & MN Majority: 9/11 Truthers?

A hot tip from a loyal reader led me to the youtube page of MN Majority and an interesting question: Are Minnesota Majority and Mary Kiffmeyer “9/11 Truthers”? If you scroll down to the favorites section of the Minnesota Majority youtube page you will find nine videos from a user named UPRsupport. This user describes himself as a Ron Paul supporter (despite being from Poland) and believes that 9/11 was “clearly an inside job“. While it wouldn’t raise an eyebrow if MN Majority had one or maybe even two videos from this user but when you have NINE videos from a user it indicates some pretty heavy support of the views of that user. With the heavy support that Ron Paul is receiving here in … Continue reading

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