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On Black History, Black Panthers, Education, And A Minnesota Republican

A few weeks back in the midst of Black History Month, a poem was read over the public address system at East Ridge High School in Woodbury, Minnesota. The poem, “A Black Child’s Pledge,” was first published by the Black Panthers in 1968. Well, this prompted vice-chair of the Minnesota Republican Party, Kelly Fenton to take to twitter and the local newspaper to express her outrage that our schools were learning about all aspects of black history and demanding we only study those black people acceptable to her and perhaps other white people: Not long after the poem was read, Twitter comments began bubbling up from Woodbury community members, including Kelly Fenton, whose son attends East Ridge. “There are lot better examples and things that … Continue reading

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“No Gay Gene”-Born This Way Is A Lie Says GOP Lawmaker

Reporting and video courtesy of The Uptake: MN State Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen, R-Glencoe, says the “born that way” explanation of homosexuality is a lie, pointing to research that concluded there is “no gay genome.” He made the comments as Republican lawmakers vowed to fight a bill making same-sex marriage legal in Minnesota. Voters in Minnesota recently defeated a Republican authored constitutional amendment that would have banned gay marriage. The latest research into a “gay gene” contradicts what Gruenhagen said. Research is focused on epigenetics, throwaway DNA that triggers hormone production in fetuses. Although scientists haven’t found a “gay gene,” they haven’t found a straight one either. This isn’t the first time Gruenhagen has made up facts. A few years ago, he claimed alcoholism and drug … Continue reading

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House Republican Media Availability – Caucus Elections

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Quote of the Day: Ted Lillie Wants Your Tax Dollars For A Republican Sex Scandal

A letter to the editor in the Woodbury Bulletin about Republican Senator, Ted Lillie, provides this succinct little message about what a Minnesota Senate controlled by Republicans really accomplished in the last two legislative sessions and what they REALLY want moving forward… So if “Travelin’ Ted” Lillie tells you he is “defending” Woodbury taxpayers, don’t believe him for one minute. Lillie still very definitely wants your tax dollars – but not to pay for public safety or education. Lillie wants your tax dollars to pay for a Republican Senate sex scandal. OK, maybe that’s not all they want but it’s still a good reminder that a Republican Minnesota Senate majority didn’t just screw each other. They intend to screw you too!

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The MNGOP Encourages Everyone To Get Out The Vote SEPTEMBER 6th!

We are trying to turn this state RED, people! So let’s get out there and encourage conservatives across the state to vote on September 6, 2012… Excellent work, MNGOP, Excellent work! I’m no strategist but I think you might be doing it wrong.

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