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With Election Behind Us, A Return To Normalcy OR Let’s Get Back To Saving My Conservative Friends Government Job!

Thank GOD, now that the election is firmly behind us noted higher education expert Gary Gross and his also notably unbiased conservative political blog can get back to brow beating MNSCU and St. Cloud State University for daring to cut their budgets! That isn’t speculation. That will be reality within the next 5-7 years. President Potter and Chancellor Rosenstone have the ability to change that by rescinding the decision to cancel the Aviation program at SCSU. It’s without question that SCSU can’t produce all of the graduates it’ll take to replace the soon-to-be-retiring pilots. Still, they’re capable of being a significant part of the solution. When oh when will these damn leaders of higher education finally LISTEN to an unemployed conservative blogger who thinks government … Continue reading

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Gross Inaccuracies: Don’t Take My Government Job, OR…

“The continuing saga of one conservative fighting tooth and nail to help another conservative keep his government job.” Gary Gross is rip roaring mad! Why, you ask. Well, if you remember awhile back we learned that his friend is losing his government job. Now I know conservatives are supposed to dislike government and like when government is cut to make it smaller but that doesn’t mean they want their conservative friends to lose their government jobs. So Gary has ramped up his fight in the last few weeks against those dirty bastards in government to make sure they give his conservative friend and former Republican candidate, Jeff Johnson his government job back! So mad is Gary Gross that he has taken to attributing himself as … Continue reading

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