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MN Senate Votes For Marriage Equality

I was unable to to make it to the Capitol to witness the MN House vote on the marriage equality bill so yesterday I took the opportunity and went down to the Capitol. I brought my camera and this is what I saw… CHECK OUT THE FULL SET OF 200 PICTURES HERE ON FLICKR

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“No Gay Gene”-Born This Way Is A Lie Says GOP Lawmaker

Reporting and video courtesy of The Uptake: MN State Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen, R-Glencoe, says the “born that way” explanation of homosexuality is a lie, pointing to research that concluded there is “no gay genome.” He made the comments as Republican lawmakers vowed to fight a bill making same-sex marriage legal in Minnesota. Voters in Minnesota recently defeated a Republican authored constitutional amendment that would have banned gay marriage. The latest research into a “gay gene” contradicts what Gruenhagen said. Research is focused on epigenetics, throwaway DNA that triggers hormone production in fetuses. Although scientists haven’t found a “gay gene,” they haven’t found a straight one either. This isn’t the first time Gruenhagen has made up facts. A few years ago, he claimed alcoholism and drug … Continue reading

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With Election Behind Us, A Return To Normalcy OR Let’s Get Back To Saving My Conservative Friends Government Job!

Thank GOD, now that the election is firmly behind us noted higher education expert Gary Gross and his also notably unbiased conservative political blog can get back to brow beating MNSCU and St. Cloud State University for daring to cut their budgets! That isn’t speculation. That will be reality within the next 5-7 years. President Potter and Chancellor Rosenstone have the ability to change that by rescinding the decision to cancel the Aviation program at SCSU. It’s without question that SCSU can’t produce all of the graduates it’ll take to replace the soon-to-be-retiring pilots. Still, they’re capable of being a significant part of the solution. When oh when will these damn leaders of higher education finally LISTEN to an unemployed conservative blogger who thinks government … Continue reading

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Dan McGrath Claims VOTER FRAUD Partially To Blame For Voter ID Failure

While McGrath claims money as the principle cause for the defeat of the Voter ID Amendment and spends many many paragraphs whining about how super awesome his message was and how super mean the opposition messages were, he doesn’t forget to add this little gem: Ultimately, money was the principle factor in the defeat of the Voter ID amendment. Initial post-election research now being conducted by Minnesota Majority indicates that voter fraud likely played a role, but voter fraud is only effective in a close election. It shouldn’t have even been close. Despite the defeat of the constitutional amendment, the people of Minnesota clearly support requiring photo ID to vote, but were misled to believe that the constitutional amendment was an egregious way to accomplish … Continue reading

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The Completely Accurate 2012 MN Election Prediction Poll

Yesterday I was asked to make some predictions about election contests here in Minnesota. I did that HERE but thought I would turn this into a larger prediction contest so here we go: Take a moment and predict who you believe will win each of the following contests. This is NOT a poll of who you WANT to win each contest but rather who you EXPECT to win. Use the comment section for any extra predictions you have or to officially register your entry so we know who took up the challenge…  

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