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With Election Behind Us, A Return To Normalcy OR Let’s Get Back To Saving My Conservative Friends Government Job!

Thank GOD, now that the election is firmly behind us noted higher education expert Gary Gross and his also notably unbiased conservative political blog can get back to brow beating MNSCU and St. Cloud State University for daring to cut their budgets! That isn’t speculation. That will be reality within the next 5-7 years. President Potter and Chancellor Rosenstone have the ability to change that by rescinding the decision to cancel the Aviation program at SCSU. It’s without question that SCSU can’t produce all of the graduates it’ll take to replace the soon-to-be-retiring pilots. Still, they’re capable of being a significant part of the solution. When oh when will these damn leaders of higher education finally LISTEN to an unemployed conservative blogger who thinks government … Continue reading

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Bill Clinton Visits St. Cloud State Campus! And I Have Pictures To Prove It…

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go hear former President, Bill Clinton, speak at St. Cloud State University. The event was great and President Clinton was awesome as usual. My location gave me a wonderful spot to snap an excessive amount of pictures using my novice photography skills. So, here they are in a slideshow or you can view them over at my flickr page… If you want to watch the event, head over to The Uptake and watch the replay of the whole event!

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Gross Inaccuracies: Government Jobs Are For CONSERVATIVES ONLY!

For some time now this blog has been following the highly amusing story of conservative activist and local layabout, Gary Gross, trying desperately to convince his readers that his friend, a conservative elected official and public university professor, Jeff Johnson deserves his government job at Saint Cloud State University. You see, despite all his other writings about how the super evil menace of government should be cut to the bone, Gross feels that perhaps an exemption should be made for Mr. Johnson because frankly he is super awesome and his government job is useful to the community [disclaimer: the aforementioned statement about the super awesomeness of Mr. Johnson's government job should in no way indicate that maybe government can create jobs]. [on a side note, … Continue reading

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St. Cloud Town Hall Photostream

I attended the SD 15 Townhall of area state legislators (Representative Steve Gottwalt, Representative King Banaian, and Senator John Pederson) this evening. While I have some analysis of the event coming soon, I also snapped some pictures and put them up on my flickr account as well as on a page in the menu bar above. Take a look while you wait patiently for the rundown of this event at which “constituencies” for government money were chastised but strangely enough one “constituency” was given every assurance that he would be fought for. Any guesses as to which one…

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Gross Inaccuracies: “Help Me Save My Conservative Friends Government Job!”

Gary Gross, local conservative drone, really thinks that government ought to be shrunk because frankly it’s a terrible awful no good very bad thing. So bad that when he goes to get the benefits it generously provides him as an unemployed right wing blogger he has to write about his bad experience.  Now I know it seems odd for someone who hates government so much to literally suckle at its teat but believe me there is some logic behind it. I am not sure what it is but trust me it’s there. Anyway, in this latest installment of Gross Inaccuracies we find Gary once again fighting to keep government jobs despite his daily cheering for cuts to government in those very same areas. So, for … Continue reading

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