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Dan McGrath Claims VOTER FRAUD Partially To Blame For Voter ID Failure

While McGrath claims money as the principle cause for the defeat of the Voter ID Amendment and spends many many paragraphs whining about how super awesome his message was and how super mean the opposition messages were, he doesn’t forget to add this little gem: Ultimately, money was the principle factor in the defeat of the Voter ID amendment. Initial post-election research now being conducted by Minnesota Majority indicates that voter fraud likely played a role, but voter fraud is only effective in a close election. It shouldn’t have even been close. Despite the defeat of the constitutional amendment, the people of Minnesota clearly support requiring photo ID to vote, but were misled to believe that the constitutional amendment was an egregious way to accomplish … Continue reading

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What Is This True North Contributor Suggesting? Denying Treatment To Those Unable To Pay?

All in all this post from contributor, Walter Scott Hudson, is standard conservative rhetoric about how bad Obamacare is and how awesome it is that one Appeals Court in the United States struck down its individual mandate. Yet there is an instructive piece that everyone ought to read and digest because it speaks to the extremism that has become mainstream conservative thought: In other words, citizens must be forced to purchase health insurance to pay for services which hospitals are forced to provide. Force begets force. This brings into question the whole notion of economic mandates. Clearly, despite the political class’s reverence for “compromise,” this is an either-or proposition. Either you believe people ought to be forced into economic transactions, or you don’t. The moment we accepted … Continue reading

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Official @mngop Blog “True North”: WATCH OUT FOR THE AFRICAN AMERICANS

Because apparently if “we” don’t “we” will lose “our” country… THAT is the message of True North, a Republican blog used by the Minnesota Republican Party to get its message out. Both Congressman Paulsen and Congresswoman Bachmann use the space to put out official statements. Every big name Republican in the state posts or cross posts their stories on the site. So, you have to wonder why they would also promote THIS: In a sad world where the loudest voice wins the argument, the Republicans need to find their loud voices. Or we will lose the country. Watch how the illegals, the Muslims, the inner city African Americans, and the gays get what they want. They don’t use the “please and thank you” approach. They … Continue reading

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Hooray UNITY: Conservative Blogger Concerned Emmer Has "No Clue Whatsoever"

All this talk about unity from the Minnesota Republican Party (never mind for a moment that the Independence Party candidate is a Republican) seems to be fraying along the edges. Okay, it’s probably not but a conservative blogger posting on True North describes his concern with a Tom Emmer candidacy being that Emmer has “no clue whatsoever” when it comes to actual governance.

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Let's Call It STRIB Mapgate!

I knew that the Star Tribune was a liberal commie rag per the assessments by every rightish blog in Minnesota. What I did not know is that the Star Tribune was also a part of the super huge conspiracy to make you believe that it isn’t butt ass cold out. That’s right, folks, now we are really super mad about how those commu-fasci-statists are shadin’ the maps: There should be 4 color bands in Minnesota alone, ALL BELOW ZERO. This makes me think that startribune.com might be complicit in hiding the decline. There are no 60º temps anywhere in the country, would it be so hard to make the 50s red 40s orange and so on, so that each 10º temp range would have it’s … Continue reading

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