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Dan McGrath Claims VOTER FRAUD Partially To Blame For Voter ID Failure

While McGrath claims money as the principle cause for the defeat of the Voter ID Amendment and spends many many paragraphs whining about how super awesome his message was and how super mean the opposition messages were, he doesn’t forget to add this little gem: Ultimately, money was the principle factor in the defeat of the Voter ID amendment. Initial post-election research now being conducted by Minnesota Majority indicates that voter fraud likely played a role, but voter fraud is only effective in a close election. It shouldn’t have even been close. Despite the defeat of the constitutional amendment, the people of Minnesota clearly support requiring photo ID to vote, but were misled to believe that the constitutional amendment was an egregious way to accomplish … Continue reading

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MN GOP Amendment Title “Deceptive” Says Justice Paul Anderson

Video and transcription courtesy of The Uptake: MN GOP Amendment Title “Deceptive” Says Justice Paul Anderson from The UpTake. Like this? Watch the latest episode of The UpTake on Blip! http://blip.tv/the-uptake/watch From the bench Justice Anderson said: “I’ve looked at the debates on the floor. I’ve read the briefs. The supporter, former Secretary of State (Mary) Kiffmeyer, Representative Kiffmeyer says that this amendment will not change absentee balloting, mailed in voting. But I’ve looked at the regulations. I looked at the requirement. Absentee balloting does not require photo ID. And so, now I would say that the legislatures proposed question is maybe as deceptive or more that what the Secretary of State because it says “photo ID required for voting”, but we have the sponsor … Continue reading

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BREAKING: MN SOS Places Anti-Voter ID Propanganda Where Literally NO ONE Will Find It!

In a shocking development, The Minnesota Republican Party found evidence to suggest that Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie is using his office and its website to provide voting and election data to the people of Minnesota. How dare he provide raw data with little or no context, claimed Republican Party Chair, Pat Shortridge! More surprising, said sources close to the Secretary of State who spoke on the condition that I leave them the hell alone and let them do some actual work, is that someone finally visited the website of MN Secretary of State and clicked on the link for Voting & Elections. More on this breaking story as it develops…

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I Have A Question About Voter ID. Seriously, I’m Wondering…

In the debate over the use of voter photo identification in our elections I find myself swayed by compelling arguments on both sides. On the one hand, I think Minnesota has one of the best election systems in the entire country and I don’t buy the argument that there is some sort of widespread fraud taking place. Evidenced by the 2008 US Senate election and the 2010 Gubernatorial election where our system was scrutinized and recounted and essentially gone through with a fine tooth comb. Perhaps not the best argument against using photo identification but if two consecutive scrutinized elections don’t turn up anything close to widespread voter impersonation fraud, I count that as a clean and fair election system. On the other hand, if … Continue reading

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